Steve LeClaire

"have sax, will travel..."

Cover Jacket of Sorry we're open 

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This CD is a long time coming for me. I've been playing for years, but never considered myself much of a song writer. I've always been a side man in any band, playing other people's tunes. But, as recording technology becomes more available to musicians in general, I thought "Why not?". So, this is what spilled out. There are some familiar formulas, grooves and feels on this recording. This is the sort of 12 bar, I, IV, V stuff that made me smile, and say "I wanna do that!" when I cut my musical teeth.

Please hop on over to CD Baby to listen to tracks like EYE CANDY (you know, those woman who dress to kill and crowded the dance floor and went home without us back when we were single!), IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU (for those catty, back stabbing people and their attitudes), CADILLAC (car song, cruising along old rte 66), TENNESSEE (a real 'badass' delta sort of blues tribute), and many more!

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Read, and view our pictures, about the making of Sorry, We're Open.